Silk screen printing

Silk screen printing is the oldest form of printing that humanity invented, giving birth to the printing industry. This industrial printing method has been used for over a century in industrial and artistic sectors, and today it is used for various purposes, from printing on plastics to fabric.

Silk screen printing is performed using silk mesh screens and frames (referred to as stencils) and specialized rubber squeegees. The best use of silk screen printing is for products with large and wide surfaces that require high-quality and volume-appropriate ink printing.

This type of industrial printing, known as silk screen printing due to the use of silk mesh screens during the printing process, has become one of the most popular forms of printing these days.

With the help of silk screen printing technology, there has been a remarkable leap in quality, making it one of the most high-quality and popular printing methods.

One of the frequently asked questions we have received throughout our years of operation is, “Why silk screen printing? What are the advantages of using silk screen printing?”

We answer this question. Alongside our years of experience in silk screen printing, the following advantages can be mentioned:

  1. Excellent quality compared to the cost
  2. Full color transfer and high similarity to the original image
  3. High product durability
  4. Acceptable resistance of the print to wear and cleaning agents.

For relatively simple printing cases that use specific color schemes, we recommend silk screen printing, and for more complex cases with special conditions, we discuss the type of printing after evaluating the job.

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Silk Screen Printing