Tampo printing

Tampo printing, also known as pad printing, is a type of industrial printing process where ink is transferred onto a final product through a pad. This printing method is used for high precision and the capability of the specialized pad in transferring ink. It is primarily employed for smooth surfaces, small items, and products that require a high level of detail in the printing industry.

Tampo printing or pad printing is essentially a form of “stamping” on products where ink is transferred to the desired location through a special silicone pad (stamp). The inherent flexibility of the pad in tampo printing machines allows you to print on surfaces of your choice.

The ink used in tampo printing, similar to silk screen printing, offers high quality, but the ink density in tampo printing is much lower compared to silk screen printing. The final product of this printing method does not require a long drying time compared to silk screen printing because it has better compatibility with the product surface during the printing process. This results in a higher level of precision and finesse in the quality of the output.

Tampo printing is commonly used for products such as toys, cosmetics, promotional items, and automotive parts.

Tampo Printing