Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing, as the name suggests, is a type of industrial printing in which the image is transferred using heat and, to some extent, pressure. In this type of printing, the desired image is first printed onto rolls of foil using a device known as a helio printer. In this industrial printing method (heat [...]
heat transfer printing
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Printing on plastic

Printing on plastic and plastic components is typically done through techniques such as pad printing, heat transfer printing, and silk screen printing. The scope of services for this type of printing is so vast that it encompasses almost all industrial sectors. Printing on plastic components can generally be categorized into various areas, some of which [...]
plastic containers printing
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Printing on perfume glass bottles

Printing on perfume bottles is not just an industrial printing service; we aim to establish a relationship with you, a deep and lasting connection with your audience. We understand how packaging, printing, and the perfume bottle itself play a crucial role in the choice of fragrance. At this moment, it's not just about the printing; [...]
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Printing on cosmetic items

Printing on cosmetic items is one of the specialized printing services provided by Tasnim Industrial Printing (typically using tampoprint and silk screen printing for cosmetic item printing). To explain the services related to printing on cosmetic items, it's important to understand that this type of printing is one of the specialized industrial printing methods applied [...]
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Printing on Glass

Exclusive glass printing leads to the creation of a design entirely tailored to your preferences and based on your personal taste. Glass printing can enhance the value and functionality of glass, offering a range of industrial printing services that can make you stand out in terms of both structure and aesthetics. Glass printing style is [...]
bottle printing
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Industrial Printing

Industrial printing is one of the types of printing familiar to those in the industrial world, but what exactly is industrial printing and what services does it provide? In this article, we delve into this subject. When we hear the word "printing," the term "industrial printing" may not immediately come to mind. At first glance, [...]
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