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Industrial Printing

Industrial printing is one of the types of printing familiar to those in the industrial world, but what exactly is industrial printing and what services does it provide? In this article, we delve into this subject.

When we hear the word “printing,” the term “industrial printing” may not immediately come to mind. At first glance, the word “printing” may conjure images of printing on paper, textbooks, newspapers, and similar items. However, as you may know, the world of printing is not limited to these items, and printing encompasses a wide range of applications. Industrial printing is a branch of this field.

Industrial printing refers to a type of printing that has industrial applications (it does not fall under the category of advertising prints) and is intended to enhance the visibility of an industrial product. Three important types of industrial printing are tamper printing, silk screen printing, and heat transfer printing. This type of printing has unique capabilities for printing on various surfaces.

Industrial printing has a strong presence in both our personal and business lives, greatly contributing to making our lives easier. The presence of industrial printing in various aspects of our lives highlights its importance and the volume of its use in today’s world. You can see examples of it on your keyboard buttons, the numbers on your home phone, labels on your television remote control, control panels on your washing machine and dishwasher, car radios, and more. These instances are so numerous that we may not even notice them.

Many of the uses of industrial printing involve critical applications where the quality, print clarity, and durability of industrial printing become evident.

Regarding the competitive advantages of industrial printing compared to other types of printing, the following factors are of higher importance:

  1. Lower total cost and expenses
  2. Ability to print on both small and large parts with different volumes and weights
  3. Varied print quantities, from one to millions
  4. High-speed execution of tasks
  5. High-quality output
Industrial Printing