Printing on plastic

Printing on plastic and plastic components is typically done through techniques such as pad printing, heat transfer printing, and silk screen printing. The scope of services for this type of printing is so vast that it encompasses almost all industrial sectors.

Printing on plastic components can generally be categorized into various areas, some of which we mention here:

  • Printing on sports equipment
  • Printing on electrical and electronic parts
  • Printing on kitchen utensils
  • Printing on plastic promotional items including clocks, gift statues, etc.
  • Printing on household appliances like washing machines and vacuum cleaners
  • Printing on automotive parts, such as car radios and speedometers
  • Printing on plastic toys
  • Printing on stationery
  • Printing on cosmetic items like lipstick
  • Printing on hygiene products like serum containers
  • And more…

Printing on plastic actually covers a world of various informational needs that make life easier. However, determining the appropriate printing for a given application depends on the material and quality of the plastic product.
In our view, adhering to three principles in plastic printing makes this service more valuable: innovation in design, print quality, and execution skill.

Keep in mind that printing on plastic, due to its affordability, is one of the popular industrial printing methods.

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